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  • Smart Vent 1540-510 is certified to provide flood protection and ventilation.
  • Smart Vent Model 1540-510 for air ventilation and flood protection with 200 sq.ft. coverage

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Ideal for use in a home crawlspace or any other are that needs both flood protection and air ventilation, the 1540-510 is a great solution.

  • Made in the USA, our smart flood vents are FEMA-accepted.

  • A great solution for lowering flood insurance costs while also protecting your home.

  • Easy to use and install.

  • Up to 200 square feet of flood coverage.

Thanks to a bimetal coil, ventilation louvers are opened and closed automatically when temperature changes. No electricity is required. Should a flood occur, the internal floats lift to release the flood door to rotate open and relieve the hydrostatic pressure, making these smart flood vents a great investment.

Model Number: 1540-510 In Stock

Color: Stainless (Standard)

Flood Coverage: 200 sq. ft.

Air Ventilation: 51 sq. in.

Vent Size: 16-in. x 8-in.

Rough Opening: 16 1/4-in. x 8 1/4-in.

Spec Sheet: view

Installation Manual: view


About Dual Function Vents


These vents are used for a home with a crawlspace or any enclosed area that desires natural air ventilation and flood protection.

Flood Protection

The vent door is latched closed until it comes in contact with flood water. Entering flood water lifts the patented internal floats which unlatch and allow the door to rotate open. This allows the flood water to automatically enter and exit through the frame opening, relieving the pressure from the foundation walls. Certified flood debris clearance is demonstrated with a 3" diameter opening when the flood door is activated.


A bimetal coil automatically opens and closes the ventilation louvers as temperature changes. No electricity is required. The louvers will be fully closed at 35F and fully open at 75F. In the event of a flood the internal floats lift to release the flood door to rotate open and relieve the hydrostatic pressure.

Flood Resistant Materials

The Smart Vent product line is constructed out of Marine Grade Stainless Steel and is 100% made in the United States. T316L Stainless Steel is renowned for its ability to withstand usage in harsh marine and chemical environments, ensuring that our products will handle everything Mother Nature throws at them. Because T316L Stainless Steel is known for its strength and resistance to cracking, dents, and embrittlement it’s utilized in high profile projects meant to last decades. Alloyed with Chrome, Nickel, and Molybdenum, T316L Stainless Steel takes the strength of steel and adds protection making it the ultimate flood resistant material.


Please Visit the Smart Vent Products Site to view the full line of Smart Vent Products including stacker models, accessories, bucks, etc.

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